About us

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Our values

Under the leadership of Managing Directors Stefan Schiffer and Frank Klumpf, the existing values were further developed in 2019 and 2020, in cooperation with the owner family and the entire workforce, and anchored as a "living culture".

To this end, several workshops were held with all employees. The resulting values of responsibility, respect, quality, clarity and openness form the basis of today's cooperation.


Sustainability has always been a top priority for us. In times of climate change, it is even more important for us to contribute to the preservation of our environment. As part of the RJC audit, we have committed to comply with the RJC Code of Practices in the following areas: Business Ethics, Human Rights, Environmental Responsibility and Social Responsibility. From apprentices to staff to management, everyone is therefore passionate and diligent about a wide range of projects.


All precious metals are sourced exclusively from companies that meet the product chain standard for gold and precious metals (RJC Chain-of-Custody) and have the corresponding and verifiable certification. This formulates requirements for human rights, working conditions, environmental impact and ethical business practices along the entire supply chain for gold and precious metals.

111 years

In 2021, the Binder Group celebrates its 111th anniversary under the motto "Valuable connections".