Anniversary 2021

1 March 2021

Exactly 111 years ago today, our story begins...

We say thank you to all those who have accompanied us on this journey and are joining us in the future.

Precious connections

111 years

In 2021, the Binder Group celebrates its 111th anniversary under the motto "Precious Connections". The anniversary slogan stands for both the connection between egf and BINDER, the close customer relationships, and the product world of both companies: Chains as a classic connecting product and wedding rings as a symbol of a deep connection. In addition, it describes the intensive cooperation between all employees of BINDER and egf, who form a particularly valuable, synergetic bond.

Together we look back, shape the future and grow together!

concept 111

For the 111th anniversary of BINDER and egf, extraordinary pieces of jewellery have been created in close cooperation with 6 different designers. All collections contain the personal signature of the respective person, while embodying the anniversary motto "Precious Connections".

jewellery Competition 2021

The companies BINDER and egf Manufactory as well as the Gallery of Art and Design in the Jewellery Worlds are launching a design competition for the pupils of the Goldsmith School with Watchmaking School in 2021. The theme is the slogan of the 111th anniversary of the Binder Group "Precious connections".


The companies BINDER and egf Manufactory launched a design competition with Pforzheim University - Faculty of Design. The theme of the first design award was the slogan of the 111th anniversary of the Binder Group "Valuable connections".


As part of the 111th anniversary, a number of projects were created by and for the employees of the Binder Group.

At the think tank in 2020, all BINDER and egf employees were able to contribute their personal ideas and wishes for the anniversary year. Based on this, a number of projects were developed.

At the Family Day in 2022, employees will have the opportunity to introduce their respective workplaces to their families. There will also be guided tours of the production facilities, and colleagues and their families can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere over a meal together.

Together with 6 jewellery designers, we are developing a special jewellery collection for 2021: all designers have contributed their design proposals without bias and were able to use the technical expertise of both companies in the implementation of the models. The finished models will be presented at Inhorgenta in Munich in 2022.

Review and documentation of the individual histories and milestones of the two companies. Exploring the respective DNA, what makes the two companies different?

This celebration is a great gathering of all staff members and their families.

For 2021, there was a calendar for the employees and customers, with interesting impressions of the last 111 years.

A welcome gift or appreciation for many years of service to the company, which will be introduced from 2022.

In 2021, there was an anniversary magazine for the first time, which reported on projects/ events/ highlights/ history/ personnel etc. of the respective companies in the group.

Already in the preparatory phase, many internal projects were launched to promote the cohesion, synergies and innovative strength of both companies.