Design Award 2023

Design Award 2023

The companies BINDER and egf Manufaktur hold an annual design competition together with Pforzheim University - Faculty of Design. The theme of the second design award was "Unexpected connections". The goal was to discover unexpected connections between the technologies of the companies BINDER and egf and to develop design approaches from them.

1st prize

Elveda Bayrak - "Unexpected Connections"

Enthusiastic about sintering and inspired by the chips of the milling process, Elveda Bayrak is all about designing interesting structures for rings that are created in the manufacturing process. In an impressive breadth, she creates different types of structures using a homemade tool that leads from a wrapped core to pressed chips. The pressed parts can be the finished rings or preparations for the sintering process. The combination of pressing with the chips leads to an exciting aesthetic, but one in which Elveda would like to see a bit more sophistication between the "chaotic" of the pressing process and yet a somewhat deliberate underlying structure. Thus she creates geometrically-based forms, which as wire-drawn and coiled structures create the basis for the pressing process. This play with clear system and the always individual surprise of the pressing process is emphasized by the mix of metals and results in very elegant, fine and individual ring structures. In parallel, Elveda is experimenting with silver granules, which are sintered loosely directly - the ring is created fully in the sintering process. The first results are promising, and the processing of them shows the potential - visually as well as functionally - very well. The breadth, depth, care, systematics and aesthetic sensitivity with which Elveda has masterfully handled the theme 'Unexpected Connections', as well as the quality of her thoughts and the resulting exhibits, are recognized by the jury with the first prize.

2nd prize

Theresia Brandner - "Drawing in space"

Laser cutting has taken hold of Theresia Brandner - and hasn't let go. She is fascinated by the play between clear two-dimensional drawings, which can be transformed into different three-dimensional forms by means of the material properties. It is impressive to see the variety and precision with which she succeeds in working out the most diverse possibilities - from the interlocking chain structure to the individual hollow body, which is convincing as a ring or earring. It is her concern to utilize all parts that are created by laser cutting and so they are either taken up and integrated as part of a clever closure concept or as the basis of a new independent jewellery series . Theresia demonstrates a sure eye in the design of the graphic language of the laser-cut shapes. Small symbols are created, reminiscent of likeable everyday objects such as ice cream cones, which then take on imposing and complex formal languages in their curved and interconnected forms. Even the paper that served as her sample material takes on unexpected qualities through her design and approach. The maturity and aesthetic quality of Theresia's work, as well as the corresponding elegance and clarity of her presentation, convinces the jury and is recognized with the second prize.

3rd prize

Minseok Kim - "Chain Slug"

Minseok Kim has a fundamental fascination with insects and small mollusks and how to attach them to the body. He was inspired by the clarity and technical feel of laser cutting combined with the textured vividness of the chains. In this, he found the unexpected connection between the organic living thing and the supposedly abstract expressive languages in metal particularly exciting, as well as the contrast between the static, unwound forms from the metal sheet and the free, almost organic-looking of the chain movement. The precision also informs Minseok's way of working - he masters the techniques with aplomb and in combining and handling them creates great forms, which are convincing in their design and realization and at the same time radiate a smile-producing sympathy. In this sense, an unexpected connection between wearer and viewer is created. The excellent technical implementation, coupled with a gentle humor and sensitive design, impressed the jury and honored him with the third prize.

The procedure

A serially manufacturable jewellery chain, a clasp or a CNC-manufactured wedding ring are to be developed. These should be Jewellery not yet on the market, which are characterized by a new, independent design, feel and wearability. The concept and its presentation will also be considered in the evaluation. Students of Pforzheim University - Faculty of Design - as well as alumni (max. five years) can participate in the competition. The best jewelry designs will be selected by a jury.

The event

The award ceremony of the Design Award 2023 took place on Thursday, January 19, 2023 at the Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim. All participants and selected guests were invited.

The jury

Fernando Fastoso (Brand Management for Luxury and High-Value brands)
Lukas Grewenig (jewellery-designer )
Cornelie Holzach (Jewellery Museum)
Georg Leicht (Leicht Jewellers)
Christine Lüdeke (Faculty of Design)