Design Award 2022

Design Award 2022

The companies BINDER and egf Manufactory launched a design competition with Pforzheim University - Faculty of Design. The theme of the first design award was the slogan of the 111th anniversary of the Binder Group "Valuable connections".

1st prize

Felicitas Wasner - "Layers

Ms Wasner succeeds in an impressive interpretation of the theme, which cleverly explores the egf techniques. The wonderfully conveyed inspiration of the natural layers of earth leads to a skilful mix of targeted material structures, which after sintering in the milling process result in unexpected and individual patterns. The resulting facets in the rings support the subtle but impressive design and invite you to caress and haptically experience the rings. The rings convince with their clear and sovereign design and the handling of serial techniques in a way that leads to individual pieces of jewellery. The models and concept presentation are convincing in their design and convey a fresh concept, which can be expanded in many facets. The jury therefore honoured this excellent achievement with the first prize.

2nd prize

Vivian Manzardo - "Beautiful Waste"

Ms. Manzardo takes up a current theme in a creatively clever and sometimes unexpected way and thus creates a connection to the overall chain-making process. In dealing with "mistakes" and "waste" in chain production, she finds approaches to developing them into aesthetically sophisticated pieces of jewellery. As a result, she has succeeded in transforming 2 different approaches into high quality models, which explore the unexpected design potential and also serve as inspiration for further potential. The necklace with its unusual but very appealing links made from the supposedly faulty feathers takes on a lovely feel in the interplay of the chain elements. The punching waste creates an independent form language for a graphically clear and geometrically appearing jewellery character. The particularly well thought-out realisation is outstanding and goes far beyond the quality of a functional model and also allows considerations of wearability and movement on the body to flow into the realisation. The jury honoured this courageous and, in the good sense, challenging work with the second prize.

3rd prize

Mira Kim - "Chain out of Chain

In an impressive study and research of the possibilities in dealing with chains as a material, Ms. Kim creates connections by means of differently combined techniques and thus unusual, and very appealing forms of design. Of particular note is the interesting treatment of a flat curb chain, which takes on a beautiful and unusual surface aesthetic through hammering. The preserved yet altered movement gives the chain an unexpected and supple feel. The chain's skillfully graphic strong form language emphasizes the aesthetic quality of the surface. The jury recognizes this experimental, design mature and sensitive work with the third prize.


Elveda Bayrak - "The Sparkling Aura"

Ms Bayrak has created a consistent and wearable collection that awakens effective and nobly glittering textures by entwining diamond-coated chains. The technique defines the design and the skilfully demonstrated potential deserves to be supported. The jury praises this consistent development and implementation of an idea that is conveyed in a cohesive and wearable way and welcomes concrete support from the Binder Group for further development.

The procedure

A serially manufacturable jewellery chain, a clasp or a CNC-manufactured wedding ring are to be developed. These should be Jewellery not yet on the market, which are characterized by a new independent design, feel and wearability. The concept and its presentation will also be judged. Students of the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences as well as alumni (max. 5 years) can participate in the competition. The best jewelry designs will be selected by a jury.

The event

The award ceremony of the first Design Award took place on Thursday, 20 January 2022 in the roof garden of the Parkhotel. All participants and selected guests were invited.

The jury

Lukas Grewenig (jewellery-designer)
Fernando Fastoso (Brand Management for Luxury and High-Value brands)
Cornelie Holzach (Jewelry Museum)
Georg Leicht (Leicht Jewelers)
Christine Lüdeke (Faculty of Design)