Concept 111

Katharina Heubach
Katharina Heubach

The Idea

For the 111th anniversary of BINDER and egf, extraordinary pieces of jewellery have been created in close cooperation with 6 different designers. All collections contain the personal signature of the respective person, while embodying the anniversary motto "Precious Connections".

Carried by emotions, enthusiasm for jewellery and visions for the future, it can be assumed that new "connections" and elements of this ambitious project will find their way into the collections of both companies beyond the anniversary year.

Jasmin Bouquerot de Voligny
Jasmin Bouquerot de Voligny

The upscaled chain

"With the models created for the anniversary collection, I playfully interpret BINDER's chain history and portfolio. With the modular system of variable chains, I show unusual combinations and create precious connections through the most diverse types of chains without extraneous and disturbing connecting elements. This creates a new, flowing interplay: multifunction as "chain reaction" in the contemporary accessories and fashion sector."

Lukas Grewenig
Lukas Grewenig


"My collection celebrates the interaction of two people in a partnership. Two sound tracks spoken by the partners set the surface of the rings vibrating and together create a structure of delicate waves. They enter into a connection and overlap, add up or balance each other out. In their interplay, they create a harmonious whole and the rings become a symbol for an ever-changing and unique partnership."

Jasmina Jovy
Jasmina Jovy

Become a B brand

"The seven different designs in the 'Become a B brand' collection line deal intensively with branding and the BINDER brand. The image of the company is to reflect the know-how of the company on the one hand and its tradition on the other hand through extraordinary designs in combination with the most modern techniques. In the long term, BINDER should thus create a sustainable brand image. From elaborate statement necklaces weighing several kilos and featuring plate-sized laserings to filigree 'sellable chains' with a strong commercial orientation, new designs are always developed from the letter B of BINDER's logo. Each design begins with the same letter. From this, new patterns develop that have an almost oriental feel or are reminiscent of modern mandalas. Layers of filigree lines create organic shapes and contrast with the mechanical laserings."

Claudia Milic
Claudia Milic

Chains with DNA

"A precious connection is always unique. It is sustained by its permanence, liveliness and trust and has the desire to last and be infinite. My anniversary collection consists of two very different types of chains. Light and transparent pieces of jewellery are created through very elaborate consistent strings with masses of individual elements. This fascinating combination results in a precious harmonious interplay through its wonderful feel, its extraordinary tactility and through the colour combination of black and gold tones."

Franziska Rauch
Franziska Rauch


"egf makes products with love for love and stands for timeless elegance with the very highest quality standards. In view of the anniversary, one can look back with pride at what has been achieved side by side. The history and the traces of the Binder Group were the basis of my design: in the creation of the design, the clear language of form and the coordination of fine details were in the foreground. All design elements can be traced back to the inspiration of the traces of time. The resulting creations are connecting pieces for lovers. They are a symbol of their bond for the new, shared path of life."

Petra White
Petra White


"The basic theme of my designs for egf are 'Valuable Connections'. Both the connection between the two companies - BINDER and egf - and the connection between two people, which is so wonderfully symbolised by a ring and a chain, which is basically the sum of individual rings. My ring series consists of different eyelet elements that are connected in different ways to form a ring. What all models have in common is that they are connected to each other as individual parts and yet can move in different ways - as is the case in the best case in a relationship between people. In this way, the theme of relationship rings is reinterpreted, whereby individual 'quotes' from the world of the traditional engagement ring, such as the classic solitaire setting, can also be found in some of the models."

Making Of

A look behind the scenes of the unique 'concept 111' photo shoot in the BINDER factory halls in Mönsheim.

The story behind it

The film explores the idea behind the anniversary collection 'concept 111' and provides a deep insight into the creative interpretations and approaches of the designers.

Review Inhorgenta 2022

The highlight of the 111th anniversary and the motto 'Valuable Connections' was celebrated with an exhibition stand at Inhorgenta Munich 2022. The anniversary collection 'concept 111' created for this purpose was brilliantly staged.


Thank you to all the staff who were involved in this project. ❤️

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